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Master of Fine Arts 
Virtual Reality

University of the Arts London
London College of Communication

Welcome To My Blog!

On this page, I will be sharing my journey through my Master’s program at the University of the Arts London.

My objective is to gain the skills necessary to excel in the rapidly evolving world of Virtual Reality.


Final Major Project
"Featuring: Fractals"

Featuring: Fractals is a installation that contains an exploratory project used to display fractals. Fractal scenes are explored and interacted with using gamification unique to VR.

My goal is to push forward the progression of which the user experiences fractals in unique ways via wearable technology and educate people on the beautiful nature of fractals: geometric, natural

It is my goal to pioneer wearable technologies that enable users to experience fractals in unique ways and to educate them about the beauty of fractals: geometric, natural, and ethereal.

The aspect of Virtual Reality as a wearable, immersive tool, has incalculable potential to give artists and game developers unlimited ways to express themselves creatively inside a 3D space. In this project, the user will experience and interact with a variety of fractals in a 3D space using immersive mechanics such as: climbing, picking up objects, and shooting bow and arrows.

Collaboration Unit
"Virtual Affects"

Virtual Affects is my group collaboration project that consisted of myself and one other MA VR student, along with three MA VFX students at UAL LCC. The name Virtual Affects came from an equation that I formulated: Virtual Reality x Visual Effects = Virtual Effects, but since our goal was to persuade moods in different directions, we called our project Virtual Affects.


Critical Practice Unit
"Ten Suns:
AR ARchery"

Ten Suns is my Critical project in which I collaborated with two of my coursemates. I made an AR experience and they chose to tell a different point of view in our cross-platform AR Experience. My AR experience tells the ancient Chinese myth and then turns I created a game for the users to play as a mythical archer named Houyi. The aim of the game is to shoot 9 out of 10 suns in the sky and save the earth from scoring to total ash.

Creative VR Portfolio Project "Spear Shot"

This gaming concept incorporates a first person shooter where the user becomes a spear fishing diver able to target magical ocean species from all over the globe. The object is to capture all the fish and then find the treasure for victory.

boat with fish.png

Design Immersive Experience

My immersive story is unique to Virtual Reality because it uses the power of this tool to switch between first and third person points of view. The story is told primarily through the 3rd person POV about Annie, a lesbian girl who is being bullied in middle school. When the bullying gets worse, and the the user is placed into the 1st person POV to see that a twitter is made to cyberbully Annie… Annie (YOU!) now have the satisfaction of slapping the bully and standing up for yourself!

AR shirt.png

AR Fashion Project

In a world with an ongoing pandemic, where fitting rooms are non-existent, shopping has moved to online, and NFTs have been placed on everything even on clothing… I present to you AR Fashion!

This app allows you to see the clothing via augmented reality prior to buying it. You can see the desired shirt displayed on a model for you by simply scanning the target image.

AR shirt.png
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