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Featuring: Fractals


The showcase / advertisement trailer for Featuring: Fractals

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All Videos

Featuring: Fractals is an installation that contains an exploratory project used to display fractals. Fractal scenes are explored and interacted with using gamification unique to VR.

My goal is to push forward the progression of which the user experiences fractals in unique ways via wearable technology and educate people on the beautiful nature of fractals: geometric, natural

It is my goal to pioneer wearable technologies that enable users to experience fractals in unique ways and to educate them about the beauty of fractals: geometric, natural, and ethereal.

The aspect of Virtual Reality as a wearable, immersive tool, has incalculable potential to give artists and game developers unlimited ways to express themselves creatively inside a 3D space. In this project, the user will experience and interact with a variety of fractals in a 3D space using immersive mechanics such as climbing, picking up objects, and shooting bows and arrows.

Degree Show

Above you can see photos from my degree show. I conducted testing and video captures of these people while playing.

Thank you to all who participated in my experience. 

Special thanks to my tutors: Despoina, ana, Zhan and Herman