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I modeled this bedroom and animated the fan in Maya, then brought the scene into Unity and programmed the fan using C# to rotate the fan when the user touches the light switch.

Explore the agency inside a VR headset with simple assets.
I programmed this simulation to function with preexisting assets.


Enjoy the adventures of Tiki Island. 
In this project I used assets to craft a world in Unity. I also used Mixamo to animate the characters.

"Running Man"
Jump over the obstacles in the course and get as far as you can without running into an obstacle.
I programmed this game using preexisting assets and C#.

"Food Fight"
Throw pizza at chickens, cows, and horses. Don't let them pass or you will lose.
I made this game with preexisting assets and C#.

"Flying Penguin"

 A simple math game. The goal is to fly the penguin to each snowball, correctly answer the problem without losing three lives.

This game was made using C# and Unity.


My class and I collaborated on this Space Escape Room project. Our Robot's name is 0-Wen and he is a humanphobe. You must gain his respect and work with him to escape the jail.
I contributed to this project by leading the business and sales sector and adding audio to our project.

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